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Author: Thomas Willing Balch

Pages: 448

Year published: 1907

Publisher: Allen, Lane and Scott

HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain
REFERENCE / Genealogy & Heraldry

Random excerpt from the book:
...from Whitchurch, County Southampton, England, to Maryland in 1650, and Mary Baker, his first wife. Robert Brooke matriculated at Wadham College, Oxford, in 1618, received his B. A. in July 1620, and M. A. in April 1624. He was a member of the Council of Maryland and for a time Acting-Governor of the Province. He was a son of Thomas Brooke of Whitchurch, gentleman, who graduated at New College, Oxford, in 1584, was a barrister at law in the Inner Temple in 1595 and sat for Whitchurch Borough in the Parliament that was summoned to meet at Westminster, March 19th, 1603-4 and was dissolved February 9th, 1610-11; he died in 1612. Thomas Brooke married Susan Forster, daughter of Sir Thomas Forster, who was spoken of in 1587 as a barrister in both Coke's and Croke's Reports, and was called on November 24th, 1607, to the bench as judge of the Common Pleas and sat in that Court until his death May 18th, 1612. Thomas Sutton named him one of the first governors of the Charter House Hospital. His youngest son, Robert Forster, was appointed by Charles the Second Chief-Justice of the King's Bench. Symonds in his diary of the marches of the Royal Army during the Civil War, thus describes a monument erected to the memory of Thomas Brooke and his wife Susan Forster in the church of Whitchurch. and Elizabeth Magruder, his wife. Dr. Balch married secondly, on November 5th, 1828, Elizabeth King, who died November 23d, 1828. He married for the third time on November 9th, 1830, Mrs. Jane Parrott, of Easton, Maryland. "Whit-church Church. "Against the north wall chancel, a faire monument, the statue of a man in a barr-gowne, and a woman. ' Thorn. Brooke, Ar. etat. 52, ob. 13 Sep. 1612. Susanna uxor ejus, filia natu max. Thomae Forster Militis in parochia Hunsdon com. Hertf. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Checky, or and azure, on a bend gules a lion passant or Brooke; 2 and 3, Argent, a fess embattled sable, in chief two estoils of the second Twyne; impaling. "Quarterly, 1, and 4, a chevron vert betw...

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Thomas Balch: and Thomas Willing Balch. International Courts of Arbitration. Philadelphia: Allen, Lane and Scott, 1915. Balch, Thomas, Thomas Willing Balch, Edwin

Émeric Crucé: Translated Into English from the Original French Text of 1623 by Thomas Willing Balch. Philadelphia: Allen, Lane and Scott. 1909. Retrieved 10 February


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